Memory CPU Power Storage Bandwidth Price
XEON1 32 GB DDR3 ECC 8 Core (16 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 (2.40 GHz) 240 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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XEON2 32 GB DDR3 ECC 8 Core (16 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 (2.40 GHz) 500GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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XEON3 64 GB DDR3 ECC 12 Core (24 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5670 (2.70 GHz) 500 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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XEON4 96 GB DDR3 ECC 12 Core (24 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5670 (2.70 GHz) 500 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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XEON5 128 GB DDR3 ECC 12 Core (24 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5670 (2.70 GHz) 1 TB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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XEON6 192 GB DDR3 ECC 12 Core (24 Core HT) 2 x Intel Xeon E5670 (2.93 GHz) 1x 1 TB + 1x 500 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps Port


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Maksimum Hıza Sahip İşletim Sistemleri

Birbirinden bağımsız fiziksel sunucularda projeniz için farklı işletim sistemlerini deneyin.







Up to 3X Faster

Servers with E5 processors run 2.75 times faster than servers with i5 processors. This means that you have almost 3 processor capacities with a single processor. In this way, you will have much more power and efficiency with a single processor, and you can reduce the license costs you will pay per processor.

  • InstantDelivery
  • SelectableOperating Systems
  • UnlimitedReinstalls
  • Latest TechnologyDDR4 Ram, Intel Cpu, Datacenter&NVME SSD
  • UnlimitedBandwidth
  • ExpandableIPV4 Subnet
  • FlexibleServer Packages

High Speed Internet Access!

Each SSD Server service works on the principle of an independent Server. Access can be made quickly through the specially configured 100 Mbit unlimited connection speed. Also, you can make choices according to your needs with 10 Gbit and 1 Gbit optional port options. Through this, our SSD Server customers will have the fastest internet access in domestic networks at the most affordable price.

Free HP P410 Hardware RAID card and 1GB disk cache on every HP server

Providing a high-quality service is the top priority for We offer you the best hardware RAID card in the industry, the HP P410 hardware, free of charge, for the best disk security and disk performance on your corporate leased server.

All HP P410 RAID controller cards also have 1GB Flash Backup Disk Cache, so you will get high disk performance even if you use enterprise SATA disks.

Network and Data Center Infrastructure

All of our servers are hosted in our own dedicated area in the DGN Technology infrastructure located in Turkey. The total line capacity of our server cabinets in DGN Technology, one of the best data centers in Turkey, is 8 x 10 Gbs. We offer 10 Gbit and 1 Gbit optional port options thanks to the Juniper brand devices that we use as network infrastructure and fiber infrastructure. Through this, you can have the fastest internet access on the internet network.

Dedicated Server Common Features

Our plans that include quick solutions that facilitate your projects, which are valid in all dedicated server packages with you.

Free KVM

All our servers offer free KVM and ILO support.

Fast Delivery

Dedicated servers are delivered within 2-4 hours and there is no setup fee.

Current Hardware

All dedicated servers are rented to you with HP brand and model devices.

Solid State Drives

All our dedicated server devices are delivered with RAID10 backup and datacenter SSD hardware.

Technical Support

Our technical team is there for you when you need help with server management!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Experience uninterrupted service with the server service we offer in our TIER III Certified datacenter.

En Hızlı Destek SkyVds'de

Telefon, E-Posta veya Canlı Destek ile En Hızlı Yanıt Garantisi!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Server

A non-shared internet server reserved specifically for a single user, or a company is called a dedicated server. Having the right of use in a single person or institution provides security advantages in many ways.

Dedicated server prices vary according to the features it has. Among the most preferred species, basic dedicated servers, high-performance models, bandwidth-focused options, application-oriented dedicated servers, database-oriented models can be counted.

Models suitable for the content of the job and their costs vary according to the service options offered. Our experienced teams make a difference in the sector with services in choosing the model that suits your personal or corporate needs. After-sales services, which we maintain with 24/7 live support, ensure that the paid costs are fully covered.

Dedicated server with the hardware and features you prefer, after the order, the operating system and management panels selected by our technical team are installed and delivered to you within 2 hours after optimization.

Dedicated server models, which should be preferred in order to avoid security problems in information storage and hosting, show great performance even when the transaction volume is high. Due to the high capacity, non-shared models are recommended to be preferred mainly by companies with high traffic. Thanks to the system in which external access is blocked, both company and visitor information is protected against third parties.

In terms of software and hardware, the use of dedicated servers is advantageous in every respect. This system provides cost savings if a full server is needed. All kinds of infrastructure related to the project are installed as desired and updated if necessary. With the dedicated server, high capacity and quality services can be provided. The system, which allows software customizations to be made by the user, provides time and cost advantages in many ways. Persons or institutions that need to use a dedicated server should have the following features. This option is ideal for website owners where a large number of users need to connect to the same server. For website owners where a large number of users need to connect to the same server, this option is ideal. Those who think they have the resources will not be enough for the website transaction volume in the future can increase their service quality by taking precautions quickly. You can reach our system support specialists for all project needs and detailed information requests.

The port given from physical servers is 1Gbits as standard. The download and upload value you will receive is 1000MB.

Dedicated Servers are hosted in Turkey's DGN data center, which has been operating in the sector since 2016. In our area separated by a datacenter, backup uplink, line, and electricity, which are in TIER III standards, servers are offered to you with the fastest internet access.

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